In 1995, an HPI affiliate held the first international medical education conference.  Since then, the organization and conference schedule has grown.  HPI has since been in multiple countries throughout Africa and Asia and convened over 80 conferences. 

HPI’s conference audiences range from medical students, residents, general practitioners and specialists to medical school presidents, administration and faculty members.  Recently, due to repeated interest, HPI has started to take nurses on team trips to host concurrent nursing education seminars.

At a typical medical education conference, HPI team members give lectures each morning (translated verbally and visually into the local language).  Each afternoon the team breaks into small groups and each team member hosts simultaneous workshops. The following outline lists lecture and workshop topics as a representative example of the areas covered:


● The Concept of Family Medicine
● Pediatric Dermatology
● Ottawa Ankle and Knee Rules for Injuries
● Normal and Abnormal 3rd Stage of Labor
● Depression and Anxiety Disorders
● Asthma and COPD

● Diabetes Mellitus
●Laceration Workshops

● Training Family Medicine Residents
● Evidence-Based Medicine
● Problems in the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy
● Pediatric Abdominal Pain
● Cervical Cancer
● Acute Coronary Syndromes
● Nephrolithiasis
●Advanced Cardiac Life Support

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