The purpose of HPI’s involvement in Disaster Relief is to help relieve pain and suffering of those in immediate
need due to the destruction caused by natural disasters in third world countries.  HPI’s Disaster Response experts have experience leading teams in crisis situations and ensure HPI is always equipped to respond immediately in the face of natural disasters.

  • 2005: two teams sent to Indonesia after the deadly 2004 tsunami hit Southeast Asia

  • 2005 and 2006: teams sent to Pakistan and Indonesia after both countries were hit by earthquakes

  • 2008: team sent to Myanmar after a devastating cyclone

  • 2009: team sent to Indonesia after a destructive earthquake shook the country 

  • 2010: four teams sent to Haiti after the tragic earthquake

  • 2013: team sent to the Philippines following the strongest typhoon ever to reach landfall

  • 2015: team sent to Nepal after the massively powerful earthquake

HPI has been able to work with other relief agencies to provide food, water, shelter and long-term follow up
care.  This has served not only to provide those in need with the best care possible but has allowed HPI to build
solid relationships with like-minded agencies.